Conscious Living

A collection of resources for an empowered mind, body and heart.

About Conscious Living

Mashael Fakhro,


Conscious Living began as a community platform to inspire natural, balanced and simple living in Bahrain founded by Mashael Fakhro, an environmentalist and coach with a love for living a lifestyle that draws inspiration from the beauty and wisdom of nature. 

It has transitioned into experiences that empower and support the community, whether through learning new sustainable living practical skills (body), discovering our unique and innate capacity for problem solving and applying it to math coursework (mind), or connecting with nature in order to feel more connected with our own natural selves (heart). To use a nature metaphor, mind, heart and body are the three parts of the "tree" that makes up ourselves. Keeping them engaged helps us feel balanced, empowered and resilient, wherever life takes us.

I believe that what we love and practice is what we can give the world most easefully. Through these offerings, I combine my environmental Master's degree (Columbia University MPA '13) , my applied math Bachelor's degree (Harvard University BA '11), a life coaching certification (JRNI '19) and a natural mindfulness walking guide certificate (IMMA '21). I hope to not only give the world more of myself, but give people spaces to discover more of themselves.  

To contact me you can find me on Instagram - @evergreen_bh.